Welcome to F3 St. Louis
Welcome Friendly New Guy (FNG)! Please share some information about yourself so we can get connected. Please complete this form and we'll add you to our email list and invite you to the F3 St. Louis Slack (Click here to join: https://join.slack.com/t/f3stlouisworkspace/shared_invite/zt-gu08jyk5-BWSAtsgb_4FS~gIvmxEWvw).

Some requested information is optional, but helpful, to keep us all connected. If you don't know your AO or just don't want to share your phone number right now, that's OK. Regardless, your information will never, ever be resold, rented or provided to a third-party.
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This is the nickname you were given following your first workout (beatdown). Haven't been to a beatdown yet? Just enter "FNG."
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F3 will send you an introductory email, as well as regular enewsletters and announcements.
Who introduced you to F3 and got you to show up for a workout?
Primary Area of Operation (AO)
Your Area of Operation is the location -- often a park -- where you workout. Please indicate your home/primary AO. Although these places all have real names, we refer to them by nickname.
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