a2a Lari Man Registration Form (Team Run)
The Lari Man Battle is where you will get to experience the "Name Tag Tearing" excitement and fun! You may invite your buddies to form up to compete in pairs or teams of five by tearing your opponent's name tag at the same time, crossing over 10 inflatable obstacles. Join us now to get into that excitement and get prepare of your strategies, find out your ways to knock off your opponent (But not too violent, no fighting allowed)
The first team to arrive at the finishing line and gathered the most opponents name tags will win the battle and receive attractive prizes!

Are you ready for the battle? This battle is opened to the public on a first-come first-serve basis.

For Kids Run, Register here

For Buddy Run, Register here

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Team Run Time Frame (7 - 8pm)
a2a lari man (Team Battle) Registration Form
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a2a lari man Terms and Conditions
• Entrance is valid only on the selected date and session. Participants are required to check their email for the selected date and session. Once you have selected the specific date and session, you MUST utilize the ticket on the said date and session.
• Only available for 15 and above
• This activity will be prioritize to the participants whom has bought the ticket.
• Ticket(s) sold are not refundable.
• Limited availability. First Come First Serve Basis.
• Participants must wear their wristbands during the entire wave time.
• The team will be eliminated if the primary and secondary contact person are not reachable.
• Participants has to show purchased ticket for entrance & NRIC to provide your identity on the event day.
• Registration opens from 10:00 am onward, counter close 30 mins before of the game session. Exact game starting time for your team will be inform after registration.
• Participants has to stand by at the starting point 15 mins before the informed time for the game briefing session.
• Participants must have a healthy body and not influenced by any dangerous virus. Alcohol and drugs must not be consumed prior to the event.
• Participants must practice good sportsmanship and be respectful at all times. No abusive behavior (fighting, arguing, and disturbing other participants) will be tolerated.
• Participants must listen and follow instructions from the Crew or Staff at all times.
• In the event of an emergency requiring course evacuation, please follow all the instructions given by the Crew or Staff.
• If participants experience or witness an emergency situation while on the course, kindly seek out for immediate assistance to the Crew, Staff or Medical Personnel.
• The Organizer will not be responsible for any accident, injury or loss of items that might happen on, before or after the challenge.
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