Structured Independent Language Study (SILS) fall 2020
Thank you for your interest in SILS! The program is based on individual and group self-study of a language not taught formally at Conn. SILS is free and open to anyone affiliated with the College. Select a language from the list below, or suggest a new language that you think we should support. If you already know a group of people who want to learn the language together, please sign up as a group! If you don't know other enthusiasts yet, we will connect you with other students studying the same language.

All groups will receive resources and language-learning materials at no cost. Groups of 3+ students will have a weekly meeting with a tutor! If you are interested in hosting/tutoring a SILS group, please recruit at least two students and encourage them to sign up here! You can apply for a job with the GLL here:

Thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, SILS will be more social this semester. We will keep you motivated through our communications and a new point system, inspired by the Summer Language Challenge. :)

Please note that SILS study does not fulfill Conn's language requirement. Contact Jack Rider-McGovern, Ketsi Tsolo ( or Laura Little ( if you have questions.
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