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Hello! We have been running Faces of ALX SE for about 6 months now where we have shared stories of learners and graduates from the ALX software engineering program. We have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, Substack, Spotify and YouTube. We share these stories by writing articles and producing podcasts which we then post on the socials. We would really appreciate your honest feedback on whether the content has been inspiring, what we can keep doing, what we should stop e.t.c.
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1. Effectiveness and impact:
How did 'Faces of ALX SE' impact your view on software engineering and learning experiences?
2. Inspiration and Engagement:
Which aspect of our content inspired you the most?
3. Content Preferences:
What type of content do you find most engaging? (Select all that apply)
What format of content do you find most engaging? (Select all that apply)
4. Recommendations:
What specific topics or aspects would you like to see more of in our content?
Is there any aspect of our content that you find uninteresting or would like us to improve? Please provide details
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5. Overall Feedback:
On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to continue following our "Faces of ALX SE" content in the future?
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How likely are you to recommend our content to others interested in software engineering learning journeys?
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