Foldit protein design paper
This form is open to all Foldit players who have played a protein design puzzle in Foldit.

We are preparing a research paper about protein design in Foldit. Over the past 6 years, Foldit players have designed a number of impressive proteins from scratch, and in the process have revealed some important discoveries about protein design. None of this would have been possible without Foldit players, and we want to make sure everyone is represented fairly! Please fill out this form to let us know how you would like to be included!

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Any Foldit player that has played a Foldit design puzzle may choose to be included as an author on the paper. If you choose to be an author, your full legal name will appear in the official author list of the paper, as a member of the "Foldit Consortium."

Note that your legal name will NOT be associated with your Foldit username, or with any individual protein designs discussed in the paper.

Yes, I would like to be a named author on the Foldit protein design paper. My full legal name is:
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In the paper, we will present lab results (both positive and negative) about some individual protein designs from Foldit players. With permission, we would like to credit each design to the responsible Foldit player(s), by his or her Foldit username.

Note that your Foldit username will NOT be associated with your legal name in any way.

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Protein design strategy
When we discuss this work with other researchers, they always want to know more about Foldit player strategies! Would you tell us more about how you design proteins in Foldit? Your response may be published in an online supplement to the research paper.

Some possible prompts:
Does your strategy change between the early and late stages of a design puzzle?
Which Foldit tools do you find most useful?
How much time is spent hand-folding vs. running recipes?
Do you use your own custom recipes or do you use common recipes shared by the Foldit community?
Do you use tools or resources outside of Foldit?
When you play Foldit design puzzles, is your sole objective to achieve the highest score, or do you pursue other objectives?
What would you say are the most important considerations for designing a high-scoring protein in Foldit?

What is your protein design strategy in Foldit?
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Can we list your username with your strategy?
Another common question from other researchers is about Foldit player demographics. They want to know more about the people that play Foldit! Please consider answering the following questions to help us get a better idea of the people behind Foldit.

Your answers to the following questions will remain completely anonymous. Responses will be summarized in aggregate, but they will NOT be associated with your legal name, nor your Foldit username, in any way.

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Most of my knowledge about proteins comes from:
How long have you played Foldit?
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