AHS 2018-2019 Parking Pass Form
Parking Pass Form
Student Driving & Parking Privileges –
The following regulations will apply to all students driving to school:
- Speeding, reckless operations, or making excessive noises with a motor vehicle may result in a police citation, suspension from driving on campus and/or suspension from school. The speed limit is 15 mph.
- Students in the parking lot without written permission from an administrator will be classified as skipping school and will be disciplined as such.
- Students must only park in the student lots. Students will not park in staff parking lot or in spaces marked “Staff.”
- Administrators reserve the right to search vehicles when there is reasonable suspicion.
- Students must exit their vehicles immediately when arriving on campus. All school rules apply to the parking lot.
- All bus traffic has the right of way on campus.
- Under the “R U Buckled” program, students will be required to wear seatbelts when entering and exiting the campus. Law enforcement will conduct periodic and random checks on campus to ensure student safety.
- AHS assumes no liability for any damages done to vehicles while parked on campus.

Failure to comply with these regulations and / or related code of conduct expectations will result in one or more of the following:
- Loss of driving privileges for a period deemed by administration
- In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension
- Towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

After reading over the rules and regulations please complete this form and submit. Students will be issued a parking pass in the Main Office once they have submitted this form online and have paid the office $30.00. Students may pay using cash or check (make check payable to Albemarle High School).

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