Amazing Iowa Artist Submission
Please fill out the following form if you are an artist interested in contributing a portrait to an upcoming "Amazing Iowa" volume. We are dedicated to ensuring that the artists are as diverse as the people featured in the books, which includes people of color, differently abled people, LGBTQIA folx, Indigenous people, and non-Christians. People of all ages and levels of professional accomplishment are encouraged to apply. The only requirement is that you either currently live or have lived in Iowa.

The commission is for a portrait of one of the Iowans included in the book. Each portrait must relate to the biography through symbolism and context clues. It can be in any size or medium, as long as it has square dimensions and can be digitized or professionally scanned. The compensation is $250 for each portrait. The artist retains the original work while the author and publisher retain copyright and reproduction rights of the portrait image. The deadline for the finished artwork is August 1. If you have any questions, please email the author (Katy Swalwell) at

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