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Terms of Service
- All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a functioning method of online payment. Paypal and Square Cash are preferred.
- By commissioning the artist the client confirms that they are the copyright holder of the character requested or have obtained explicit permission to do so.
- Requested material can be clean or explicit, but no-go topics include: pedophilia, bestiality, sexual assault, bodily waste, and bigoted or otherwise hateful content. The artist reserves the right to refuse service at any time.
- If the client agrees to the quoted amount, the artist will invoice the client for the cost of the piece up front; work will not begin on the piece until the invoice is paid. If the piece is more than $150, the artist will invoice the client for half of the total quoted amount up front and half upon completion; work will not begin on the piece before the first invoice is paid.
- The client will be contacted at each phase of the commissioned piece's completion (prelims, pencils, inks, tones/colors) for their approval. Clients can make up to two (2) revisions per phase.
- If the client cancels or backs out of the commission after payment, they may request a refund. Labor cost will be deducted proportional to the amount of work done: 10% at the preliminary stage, 30% at the pencils stage, 50% at the inks stage. Refunds will not be offered after the final stage of a commission is reached.
- After the piece is finished, a final hi-res CMYK PDF and low-res RGB JPG of the piece will be mailed to the client. The client reserves the right to request the commissioned image should not be posted on public timelines, but unless this is specifically stated the artist will assume the piece is safe to post.
- The artist retains the rights to the piece. The client has the right to reproduce the piece for personal reasons, but any reproduction or sale of the piece for commercial gain must also be authorized by the artist. For inquiries about commissions specifically for the purpose of commercial illustration, please contact the artist at distressedegg@gmail.com.
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