Sustainable CU Small Grants Application
Sustainable CU is a grant fund approved by students in 2004 to fund and promote innovative, student-led sustainability projects on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus. Sustainable CU offers support for small projects (up to $2500) (hereafter small grants) and large-scale capital projects (amounts greater than $2500; hereafter large grants) through two separate applications.
This form should be used for all small grant applications. Applications are considered on a rolling basis throughout the school year, September through mid-April.

Small grants fund expenses such as infrastructure, contractor fees, consumables, and equipment rentals. Sustainable CU does not pay for applicants’ own labor. However, fees charged by third-party professionals, e.g., architects and electricians, are funded by the program. Approximately $150,000 is available for disbursement.

Funded small projects must be fully executed within three months of the date of the award. An interim progress report must be submitted no later than six weeks after grant submitters have been notified that their project has been funded. Funding will be withdrawn if projects do not meet completion deadlines in the absence of a compelling written request for extension. A short final report is due once the project has been completed; 10% of funds will be withheld until the report is received. Guidelines for progress and final reports are available from the Environmental Center upon request.

For the large grant application, please refer to the section entitled "Request For Proposals" at

Applicant Information *
Please provide the names and departmental affiliations of all applicants. Provide the email addresses of 1-3 applicants to serve as designated contact persons.
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Application Title *
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Introduction *
Describe the project, including all elements and deliverables.
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Timeline *
Provide a specific timeline listing all major project steps and deliverables. This criterion helps to establish project feasibility, an important criterion in grant approval. All elements must be realistically scheduled for completion within three months of grant approval, the deadline provided above.
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Student Involvement: How were students involved in the genesis and development of the project? How will students continue to be involved throughout the project? What role is faculty and staff support expected to play? *
If the project has been developed through the Innovation Labs program, please mention that. While projects developed through the program receive no benefit or demerit in applications, we are currently tracking synergies between the Innovation Labs and Sustainable CU.
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Student Impact: How many students, or what percentage of the student body, will be affected by the project? *
Please provide numerical estimates and grounds for such estimates when possible. If concrete estimates are unavailable, explain why.
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Innovation: Explain why your project is a new idea or how it addresses a sustainability related issue in a novel manner. *
Innovative projects are preferred over minor extensions of previous work, but projects must also be feasible. Address the feasibility of your proposal here if it is non-obvious. The timeline provided above also informs our judgment of project feasibility.
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Environmental Sustainability *
Sustainability has environmental, economic, and social justice aspects. Here, describe the environmentally beneficial, or "green," outcomes of your project in detail.
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Economic Sustainability *
Here, describe the financial benefits that result from your proposal in detail. If applicable, include longer-term benefits, e.g., utilities cost savings over five years. Justify numerical estimates.
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Social Equity Sustainability *
Here, describe how the proposed project benefits disadvantaged or minority campus constituencies.
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Detailed Budget *
Provide a link below to a Google Documents spreadsheet (with open access) showing exactly how requested funds will be spent. A template is located at Include the items requested, prices, quantities, and sources for quotes as well as a final figure for funds requested from Sustainable CU. The best grants strike a balance between frugality and implementation of current technology or theory.
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Matching Funds *
List pending, approved, and denied applications for funding from other sources, if any, describing their status and explaining it as necessary. List amounts requested from those sources; if available, provide links to electronic PDF copies of other applications.
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How or where did you hear about this Sustainable CU grant fund? *
Please detail how you learned of Sustainable CU, for purposes of tracking marketing and communications effectiveness.
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Approval Timeline and Procedure
Normal Procedure
1. Once this grant application is submitted, the Environmental Board will consider it in the next weekly meeting. Notice of first-reading approval or denial will be sent within 48 hours of the meeting.
2. Revisions to the grant are often requested and must be accomplished within two weeks of first-reading notification unless an alternate deadline is provided by the Board.
3. In rare cases, the Board may request a second set of revisions before the grant is considered on second reading, in which case the same rules concerning application deadlines apply. If an extended deadline was granted for the first set of revisions, the second deadline is NOT automatically extended.
4. Projects will be approved on second reading as promptly as possible, and notice of approval or denial will be sent within 48 hours of the meeting.

If a project is rejected by the Environmental Board, applicants may appeal to the Board for reconsideration within thirty (30) days after a notice of denial has been sent. The Environmental Board will consider appeals using the current Sustainable CU Grant criteria.

Obtaining Funds for Approved Grants
Funds are not disbursed in advance of expenditure. Official invoices, bills, and other formal documentation of charges may be submitted to Associate Director Marianne Martin, who will provide appropriate funds from Sustainable CU as approved by the Environmental Board.
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