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Hey! Thanks for being here. 'Conversations with People Who Hate Me' is a podcast that takes negative online interactions and turns them into offline conversations. Don't be fooled by the title! It's actually a very loving show that's ultimately a social experiment to see what happens when we get to know the human on the other side of the screen.

All guests involved are invited to do the show as anonymously (or not anonymously!) as they'd like.

Maybe you're filling out this form because someone said something negative to you.
Maybe it's the other way around... and that's okay!
Or maybe you know of a story that would make a great episode.
Either way, welcome.

**CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: What you submit here is private and will only be shared with members of the production team.**

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If you don't know where to begin start here: How do you identify? How do you spend your time? What's important to you? Where are you from? Tell us an interesting thing that most people might not know about you! Whatever you want to write here is correct.
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Where did this happen? *
Meaning: Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. (In rare circumstances, we also cover interactions that happened in a physical space like home, work, or school but this show is mainly about digital negativity.)
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Do you feel safe talking to this person? *
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This doesn't have to be well written! Just make sure to hit these points as best as you can: Who is involved? What happened? Where did it happen? What do you think started it? Please include direct quotes if possible.
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