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By submitting your matchmaking application online, fetcha is able to help you locate your next family member in rescue! We ask that all information is filled out correctly and accurately. Please keep in mind the more options you give us, the more faces we can find for you. Along with our matchmaking, we do ask for a $20 fee to be sent to our paypal. This fee helps us pay for our time, supplies and our website!

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Fetches team consists of three dedicated individuals: Missy, Lindsey and Mariela. All ladies have been working with rescues for several years. They both decided to take a step back and help future adopters like you find the pet you are really looking for. The common complaint we hear from adopters who are struggling to adopt is, "By the time my application was approved, the pet I wanted was already adopted." By using our matchmaking services, this eliminates that complaint and puts the pet of your dreams in your home.

How you benefit from fetcha matchmaking:

*One on one matchmaking
*Personalized matchmaking (age, breed etc)
*Dedicatiion to finding your match
*Local pups and cats (WI or IL)

We can and have located that "Designer mutt" or purebred in rescues and shelters.

Fetcha works with numerous rescues and shelters

fetcha will contact the rescues and shelters on your behalf to make the process easier, to make sure the pet you want is available cutting out all the wasted time.

* Fee valid for 90 days from starting date. We can extend time upon request
* Fetcha does reserve the right to terminate matchmaking services at anytime they see fit.
*This is a non-refundable fee

Paying this amount does not guarantee a successful adoption, though fetcha will work very hard to find a great match for you. Fetcha has a network of rescue works around WI/IL area; each organization has the authority to review all submitted applications. Fetcha cannot approve or deny adoption applications.

Fetcha cannot guarantee the temperament of an animal; all information is provided by the rescue organization, shelter or private rehoming families unless otherwise noted. Fetcha does not assume any liability regarding behavior or health of a particular animal.

Your matchmaking fee does not apply towards the adoption fee. Our fee simply helps fetcha pay for staff time and resources. We keep the cost very low to be able to help everyone interested.

Your adoption fee is paid directly to the nonprofit rescue/shelter organization or private party from where your pet is adopted.

We will matchmake as close as we can to what you are searching for. We ask for patience during this time. Many pets come and go in rescue. We will send you options that are "in network", "out of network" and "outside of the box".


The following may result in a denial in your adoption application with our rescues:

*If you have a criminal background, restraining orders or a violent past.

* If you rent, landlord does not approve of a pet in your residence

* If your city/condo/apartment has a breed restriction

* If your current pet is not up to date on vaccinations

* If your current pet is not spayed or neutered

Fetcha does NOT control their denial and approval process

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