2019 ASA Futsal Showcase
This is the registration for teams that have prepaid (Advanced League Teams Ages U12-U14) for the event as well as new teams that would like to enter. This event is open to all ASA players and teams ages U10-U16. For Advanced League teams (U12-U14 that have already paid), please register even if you are not attending by answering the question below.
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Club Name 2019-2020 Season *
Populate the name of the Club that registered for the 2019-2020 Season.
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Team Name from League Play 2019-2020 *
Populate the name of the Team that registered for the 2019-2020 Season.
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Team Name for the 2019 ASA Futsal Showcase *
Populate the name of the team to be used in this event. Feel Free to be creative! if you want a different event team name!
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Register for Boys or Girls Division for 2019 ASA Futsal Showcase *
Coed Teams must play in the Boys Division
Register for the Age Division for the 2019 ASA Futsal Showcase *
Select the age that the team will play in. Players cannot play down in age group. If you select the last option below, you are not planning on attending the event. ASA will communicate if any age divisions do not materialize and if combined age divisions are needed.
For Each Age Group Indicate Desired Level *
Select which level of play in each division. Your selection does not guarantee placement in that division as other variables regarding size of division can alignment of teams. Select Other and add a comment at the end of the registration process if needed.
Excluded Play Date or Scheduling Exceptions *
Games will be Friday approximately 5-9 PM, Saturday 8am-9pm, and Sunday 8am-6pm. Teams will play 3 games in the Showcase and there will not be any finals or champion as this is for Player Development purposes only in conjunction with US Soccer PDIs. If you have no scheduling restrictions, you do not have to indicate a selection.
List each player on the Team Roster *
Players may only play on one team and must be appropriate for each age division. List Player name and Date of Birth. Ex. John Doe 3/27/70; Jane Smith 4/1/70, Joe Jackson 9/5/70. A Final Roster will need to be turned in at Event Check in.
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Additional Comments or Notes
Please indicate any other important information that the ASA staff can consider.
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