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2 minute video - illustrating seamless transition to indoor travel
Join Ronja on her journey from walking down a city street, turning to walk up a flight of stairs to enter a large shopping mall. You will hear the clarity of instructions from BlindSquare, delivered at the time the illumination of information is required, and silent otherwise. You'll notice that Ronja, our hero, is not holding her iPhone. It's safely stored in her pocket or pack, messages deliver via her bluetooth headset. Her options, the same as any other shopper, without the need for help. Autonomous travel assured.She continues to use her cane to navigate, but is advised, silently to those around her, of all important junctures and obstacles. She is always aware of her location, always aware of her choices, not just a single path. Imagine, the power of choice and independence for pedestrians who are blind.This example is a large shopping mall. The same is true for buildings, airports, transit-hubs, museums, performing arts centers, University campus's, and more.
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