Weight Matters
Find out some of the impacts of weight on us all and some of the facts and figures.
Watch the video and try the quiz.
Can you get full marks? (20 out of 20)
If you are overweight you are not alone
How many adults are overweight or obese in Scotland? *
1 point
How does being overweight affect us? *
3 points
What percentage of the NHS budget in Tayside is spent on Type 2 diabetes ? *
1 point
It is harder to buy fresh food in poorer areas *
1 point
School dinners in Scotland offer puddings more often than soup *
1 point
In some parts of Scotland you can get prescribed exercise instead of a pill *
1 point
Generally speaking - food in Scotland is grown for our health and well-being *
1 point
Which of the following are ways to do things differently? *
3 points
Ayecan Change is all about taking small steps and actions to change things. Can you agree to any of the following changes?
Can you commit to change? *
8 points
Swapping a fizzy drink for water
Introducing more vegetables into your meals
Reducing the number of ready meals you buy
Increasing the amount of physical activity you do each day
Treating yourself as you would treat a freind
Saying something positive for yourself daily
Doing something to reduce your stress levels
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