Tier 1: Wellness Pre-Assessment
Improving and modeling healthy behaviors with our staff is one of the goals of the Phoenix Union. We want to thank you for participating in healthy behaviors from food, exercise, and community events with our wellness incentive program. All employees are eligible and do not need to be enrolled in a District-sponsored medical plan to participate.

The Pre-Assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

How would you rate your overall health? *
How motivated are you to make healthy lifestyle changes? *
How many days per week have you participated in exercise for at least 20 minutes that raises your heart rate? *
How would you rate your current stress level? *
I have thought about making changes or improvements to reach and sustain optimal stress levels: *
I eat at fast food restaurants more than three times per week *
I have thought about making changes or improvements to consume healthy food and drinks *
In which areas would you like to make improvements in the next three months? *
Please write one goal you would like to reach before May 2018 *
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Employee Number or Name (required to earn the incentive) *
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