MASS Action Survey about Museum Statements made Summer 2020


Over the past few months, MASS Action has aggregated data from the 1,088 AAM-accredited museums in the U.S. by documenting statements made in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. This is part of a campaign aimed at narrowing the gap between institutional positioning and institutional accountability.

This survey is an open invitation to institutions to add nuance and context to the story told by their public statements, and to share any other anti-racist initiatives and commitments that may not yet be public. The survey is also open to individual museum staff (current or former) speaking to how their experience aligns with or contradicts their institution's public anti-racism statement.

Our ultimate goal in learning more about the context behind these statements is to support museums in their anti-racism work: to ensure that their actions back up their statements, and that they are held accountable to their publics.

How will MASS Action use responses?

Data Usage: Data will enrich MASS Action’s efforts to tell the wider story surrounding these statements and the on-the-ground realities of the institutions they emerge from. The insights gained from these surveys will inform the field-wide analysis that is underway, and will be shared via a series of articles in print and digital venues. MASS Action may also share this data at conference presentations (in person and online) and in educational materials (video, digital, print) available on the MASS Action website.

Data Access & Anonymity: Survey submissions will be accessed by a small subset of MASS Action collective members working on analysis and will not be published as raw data. Survey responses may be submitted anonymously. MASS Action will not quote directly from your responses unless you indicate your permission; and we will seek consent through follow-up correspondence before publishing any potentially identifiable quotes from individuals.

Statements made on behalf of institutions may be quoted unless indicated otherwise on the survey form.

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