Diverse Books in School Libraries
This survey is part of the research for an MA in Publishing major project, the aim of which is to create an online resource to help school librarians find and use diverse book within their libraries. In this case diverse books are defined as any books which contain characters, themes, or information representing diverse groups which include, but are not limited to, people of colour, people of varying religions, ethnicities, sexual, romantic, and gender identities, and people with physical or mental disabilities.
This research has received ethical approval from Oxford Brookes University, is supervised by Nicola Timbrell (ntimbrell@brookes.ac.uk), and is being carried out by Philippa Peall.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Philippa at 15009051@brookes.ac.uk.
Thank you very much for participating.
1. What age range does your library serve?
2. What sort of educational establishment do you work in?
3. How often do you buy books for your library?
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4. Which resources do you use to select books for your library?
5. Which resources do you find most useful when selecting books? (Please select your top three)
6. What aspects do you find most useful in resources to help you with book selection?
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7. How much would you be willing to pay per month to subscribe to an online resource to help you with book selection?
8a. When selecting books for your library do you ever consider whether they include representation of diverse groups (eg people of colour, LGBT people, people with disabilities, etc.)?
8b. Is there a reason for this?
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9a. Have you ever had an issue with any diverse books you have in your library?
9b. If yes, what happened?
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10. Have you ever run an event in your library to highlight diverse books?
11. Do you think there are any barriers preventing you stocking diverse books in your library?
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12. Would you consider using an online resource designed to help school librarians find and use diverse books in their libraries?
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