NSLM Early Career Fellowship Recommendation Form for Faculty Mentors
The Mindset Scholars Network and the University of Texas at Austin’s Population Research Center invite applications to join a year-long research fellowship network, funded with generous support from the Bezos Family Foundation. The goal of this fellowship is to provide early career scholars with the opportunity to use the newly available National Study of Learning Mindsets (NSLM) survey and administrative data to investigate questions in education, as well as publish peer-reviewed journal articles, and build a network of interdisciplinary colleagues.

INSTRUCTIONS: Faculty mentors are expected to support graduate students throughout the entirety of the fellowship, by supporting the progress of analyses and deliverables, offering feedback, and attending events. To recommend a graduate student, please complete this form and attach your letter in support of the applicant. Recommender must be a faculty member or equivalent.

DEADLINE: Recommendations will be accepted until Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

For questions, please contact info@mindsetscholarsnetwork.org.

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How will this fellowship opportunity facilitate the applicant’s scientific and professional development?

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For questions, please contact info@mindsetscholarsnetwork.org.
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