International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21
Three editions of the “International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21” have already been organized, and the organizers are now preparing the next one, that will be presented at the forthcoming UCLG World Congress in November 2019.

This questionnaire aims at highlighting the lessons learned during these three first editions, and to provide ideas for the preparation of the following ones.

You should need approximately 2 minutes to answer this questionnaire.
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On the Award
1. Three editions of the “International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21” have already been organized. When did you first hear about this initiative? (ONE ANSWER ONLY) *
2. How did you hear about the Award? (SEVERAL POSSIBLE ANSWERS) *
3. The “International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21” is a unique International Award which recognizes significant practices and individuals regarding the relation culture and sustainable development. How do you assess this initiative? (SEVERAL POSSIBLE ANSWERS) *
On the results of previous editions
4. The winners of the Award so far have been Belo Horizonte, Timbuktu, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Lyon and Seongbuk for the category “City / Local or Regional Government”, and Manuel Castells, Farida Shaheed, Jon Hawkes, Silvia Rivera-Cusicanqui, Patrice Meyer-Bisch, and Basma el-Husseiny for the category “Individuals”. Did you know about the winning cities and individuals in 2014, 2016 and 2018? (ONE ANSWER ONLY) *
5. Two thirds of the candidate cities and local governments have been chosen by the Jury to be recognized as good practices. Projects have been indexed and translated, and they are now available online on the UCLG database on culture and sustainable development, the OBS. Did you know about this database? (SEVERAL POSSIBLE ANSWERS) *
Next steps
6. During the previous three editions of the Award, the category “City / Local or Regional Government” has been organized following a “competitive” methodology based on the elaboration of bids by the candidate cities and local governments. Should this methodology be used for the next editions? (ONE ANSWER ONLY) *
7. In the last few years, an increase in local policies focused on cultural rights as human rights, as well as local policies based on the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals can be perceived across the world. During the next editions of the Award: (SEVERAL POSSIBLE ANSWERS) *
8. Should you wish to add something else:
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