2020 PNXC Captain Application
For the 2020 PNXC Season, we will once again having prospective Team Captains fill out the Captain Application.

All current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are welcome to apply. Upon completing a Captain Application, all candidates will be voted on by teammates and coaches. Coaches will also discuss candidates with current seniors to get input on their captain potential.

Not sure if you are up for it?? It does not hurt to apply. Often we learn about ourselves by going through the process- our values, our strengths, and our weaknesses- when we are forced to put thoughts on paper. It requires you to reflect on your current role as a part of the team, and your desire to be a leader and cultivator of team culture in the future. You never know, your coaches/teammates might see the leadership potential in you as well!

Not everyone who applies will be named a captain. We plan to once again select 4-5 captains. If there are several team members not named captains who were close, a leadership development group may also be formed. Though not Captains, this group will be given leadership roles on the team throughout the year, and will be strong potential captains in future years.

Captains for the 2020 XC Season will be named at our End-of-the-Season Banquet on Nov. 22.

Being a captain is way more than a popularity contest or a gold star for years of service...It is more than leading warm ups. Being named a PNXC Captain will require commitment, leadership (both vocally and through actions), a tremendous love of the program and your teammates, a selfless, team-first attitude, and comes with a commitment to living out our expectations for character in your own life.

Captains must know that leadership is service. Captains have to work hard, be willing to do any and all tasks to serve their teammates and their program. Captains must be great communicators, both with coaches and with teammates.

Captains must know is that leaders accept that the attitude of the team is a reflection of the leaders of that team. Strong captains set the tone for the team, and help cultivate a strong culture with high expectations. Weak captains are ok with letting things go, are ok just worrying about themselves, and are indifferent to the culture of the team.

Captains must be willing to hold themselves to very high standards and expectations. Our team will be a reflection of you.

Basic captain requirements include, but are not limited to:

- Commitment to year-round running/ training (this doesn't mean that you can't do other sports, but that could reduce the likelihood of you being named a captain)
- Consistent, timely, and detailed training log must be kept year-round on pnrunning.com
- Regular communication with Coach Derks throughout the year to discuss the program, future plans, state of the team, accountability, etc.
- Help plan both in-season and off-season team events, Adventure Week activities, camping trip, develop new ideas, etc.
- Lead by example at all practices- both in season and during the summer/winter- You help set the tone.
- Communicate with Coach when team issues arise- be willing to talk to teammates, hold them accountable.
- Be positive- Show teammates you love them and always looks for ways to set a positive, enthusiastic tone at practices and meets.

Finally, realize that asking to be considered a captain means risking not being selected. Consider how you would handle that situation. Then, realize that your reaction to that unfortunate possibility is a strong indication of whether or not you are ready to be a captain of this program.

Your application is due no later than Sunday, Nov. 10 at 10:00pm.
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