Pledge to Pick up the Poop!
Did you know that your dog's poop is pollution?

Most poop that is left on the ground from your dog does not dissolve into the soil, it actually washes away: to the nearest stormdrain, ditch, pond, or even the Indian River Lagoon. Dog poop has two components that make it pollution to our waterways. The first is nutrients, this is what your dog’s food breaks down into. Your dog needs nutrients to survive, and so do plants, but too many nutrients in the water cause algae to grow, and too much algae cause many other environmental problems. The second pollutant in dog poop is bacteria. We all wash our hands to protect ourselves from bad bacteria, so don't let it all wash into the water, harming plants and animals!

It has been reported that up to 84 TONS of dog poop are left DAILY on the ground within the Indian River Lagoon watershed. That's a possible 84 tons of dog poop being washed into the water, especially during the summer when it rains every day.

Be a part of the solution, help us reduce this poopy load!

Pledge today to always pick up after your dog, and to tell other to do the same. Make sure to tell them that dog poop is pollution to our waterways and our Lagoon; that's what makes the difference.

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Take the Pledge
For dog owners and non dog owners alike. Everyone can pledge to prevent pollution!
I pledge to pick up after my own dog(s) to prevent pollution to the Indian River Lagoon and all other waterways. I also pledge to educate other dog owners about dog pollution and why it is so important to pick up the poop. *
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This Pledge has been given by the Indian River County Stormwater Educator: Alexis Peralta
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