Survey on Re-opening
With the New Jersey Re-opening Plan released we are asking that you take time to complete this survey. In order to protect privacy, the results will be shared with our Pandemic Planning Teams, excluding names of families and students. This survey is highly important in guiding us on our plan to open school in September.
Which role best describes your connection to West Cape May Elementary School? *
How comfortable are you with students having a health screening/ Temperature check every day upon entering the school? *
How comfortable are you with contact tracing of students and staff? *
How comfortable are you with your child(ren) remaining in one classroom all day while teachers rotate? *
How do you feel about children being socially distanced in school? *
How comfortable are you with children being required to wear a face shield in school when they are not social distanced? *
How comfortable are you with students eating lunch in their classrooms or in the cafeteria with social distancing? *
When school reopens in September, which of the following learning options would you prefer for your child? *
If remote learning is conducted, full or part-time, would child care be an issue for you and your family? *
If remote learning is conducted either part or full time, how prepared do you feel to assist in the online learning? *
With the new guidelines for reopening school, will you be sending your child(ren) back in September? *
If you answered no to the previous question, what are you planning? *
If you are not sending your child back to school, please give a brief reason. *
Please tell us about other concerns or uncertainties you have about the upcoming school year. *
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