Staff Exit Questionnaire
Does your organization have a staff member leaving? There are a few questions that we'd like you to answer so we can properly update our records. If you have any questions, feel free to call 303-572-1536 or email
Which organization are YOU with? *
What is YOUR name/email address? *
In case we have any questions!
Contact Information for Exiting Staff
What is THEIR name? *
What is THEIR email address? *
Employee's Anticipated End Date *
Each organization is responsible for collecting key cards, keys for the white rolling drawers, and private office keys (if applicable) at the end of each staff member's time with their organization. Please confirm that you collected the key card and keys (if applicable). *
What are the first five digits on the key card(s) that you collected? For example, x00157. *
Will you keep the key card for the next employee? Or would you prefer to turn it in to us? Our recommendation is that organizations keep extra key cards in a safe place and they can be reassigned to the next new staff member, but it's up to you! Either way, key cards will be deactivated for security purposes. *
Will this departure result in a change to your license agreement? For example, reducing the number of resources?
Anything else we should know? Any safety or security concerns?
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