CMAX Program Submissions
Seeking solid, engaging, and Catholic content to be on
Content should raise awareness, educate, engage, and/or uplift Cmax subscribers.

As such, CMAX does not limit itself to one type of content but is open to truth, beauty, and goodness through the power of stories in film.

Examples of this are (but not limited to); event talks, short films, feature films, series, video logs, webisodes, webinars or presentations (i.e. Ted talks), culture, animation, testimonial.

Your pitch of media content can be a single or a series.

Overview of process:
Step One: Fill out this form and submit your media files.
Step Two: Content is reviewed by Cmax team.
Step Three: Revisions (if any) and contract are offered.
Step Four: Contract is signed by all parties and media is added to Cmax!

Basic terms of contract: Organizations and individuals who's media content is added to CMAX will be offered a starting rate of 10 cents per hour that content is watched by viewers. You may also become a CMAX subscriber partner and you will earn 10% of subscribers that you refer (The two are not mutually exclusive, you can both refer subscribers and put content on CMAX and earn hourly view rates - we believe in sharing resources!)

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Upload thumbnail images of video and speakers (both landscape and portrait preferred) Landscape: PNG or JPG file 740x420 resolution. Portrait: PNG or JPG file @ 460x645 resolution
Upload a trailer of your program (up to 5 minutes in length). Our preference is 1080p h264 encoding (if you are using Adobe, the Vimeo 1080p preset). Maximum file size is 1 gb.
If complete, upload your finished program or the first in the series in the best resolution you have. Our preference is 1080p h264 encoding (if you are using Adobe, the Vimeo 1080p preset). Maximum file size is 10 gb.
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