7/8 Healthy Kids Survey
Students at this school are motivated to learn. *
Adults at this school encourage me to work hard so I can be successful in college or at the job I choose. *
My teachers work hard to help me with my schoolwork when I need it. *
Teachers show how classroom lessons are helpful to students in real life. *
Teachers give students a chance to take part in classroom discussions or activities. *
This school is a supportive and inviting place for students to learn. *
Teachers go out of their way to help students. *
Teachers help students catch up when they return from an absence. *
My teachers give me useful feedback on my work. *
Adults at this school treat all students with respect. *
Students treat teachers with respect. *
The school rules are fair. *
All students are treated fairly when they break school rules. *
Students get in trouble for breaking small rules. *
Rules in this school are made clear to students. *
Students care about each other. *
Students treat each other with respect. *
Students get along well with each other. *
Students are often given rewards for being good. *
Teachers here make it clear to students that bullying is not tolerated. *
If another student was bullying me, I would tell one of the teachers or staff at school. *
If I tell a teacher that someone is bullying me, the teacher will do something to help. *
Students here try to stop bullying when they see it happening. *
The playground and buildings are clean and in good condition. *
Students try their best in school. *
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