Easter egg hunt & cherry blossoms viewing
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Where: Hamarikyu Gardens cherry blossoms area (check map at the bottom)
Train stations: 7min walk from Shiodome and Tsukiji; 12min walk from Shimbashi; 15min walk from Hamamatsucho
When: March 27th; 11:30am registration;
12 nn: lunch & social
13:00: Easter egg hunt
14:00: Easter egg hunt winners announcement
15:00: End of the event
Who: You, your family and friends.
Fee: 500 yen per adult to compensate the cost of the eggs.
What to bring: Please bring 300 yen each to pay Hamarikyu gardens entrance fee. Also, please carry a mat to sit on, food and non-alcoholic drinks.
Language: English and Japanese
場所: 浜離宮恩賜庭園 桜があるところ(下記の地図をご覧ください)
最寄り駅: 築地市場駅 徒歩7分; 汐留駅下車 徒歩7分;新橋駅下車 徒歩12分;浜松町駅下車 徒歩15分
日程: 3月27日;11:30am 受付開始
12 nn: ランチ、パーティー開始
13:00: 卵探しゲーム
14:00: 卵探しゲームのウインナー発表
15:00: イベント終了
参加者: 家族の皆様と友達
参加費: 500円
言語: 英語・日本語
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Hamarikyu map from Japan guide
Hamarikyu Cherry Blossoms from Walker +
The event is organized by theglobalfamilies.com
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