The Abundance Party One-On-One:
Ok, here are the basics of the One-on-One: Group members are eligible to cover questions or any bumps they have with their practice building: from marketing issues to imposter syndrome and how to budget realistically to finding your niche and networking.
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If your application is accepted we'll get in touch ASAP with a link to schedule!
Cancellations, No-Shows, and How-Tos
1. We recommend being ready 5 minutes or so in advance.
2. We're using Skype so make sure you can log in to yours. I don't want you to miss any time of your 1:1 so try to do your trouble shooting ahead of time.
3. For best audio quality, I recommend using headphones. They don't have to be fancy-schmancy; the pair that came with your cell phone will work fine.
4. No-Shows and cancellations without giving at least 72 hour notice or following up with Megan won't be given the opportunity to reschedule.
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