Fomo4K Airdrop
Welcome to š™š™¤š™¢š™¤4š™  Airdrop that will be open to just a limited participants not exceeding 5000 members, we love to keep our circle small so as to achieve our aim to experiment. š™š™¤š™¢š™¤4š™  is an ERC20 based project which aims to know how the community can help to keep the project alive and also make the project viral.

This project has no real use-case as at today (1st July 2020) but we never can tell what the community might decide in the future (this will be decided within the community).

Entries will close once the participant reaches 5000 and š™š™¤š™¢š™¤4š™  might decide to close the airdrop earlier if we deem it fit.

š™„š™¢š™„š™¤š™§š™©š™–š™£š™© š™‡š™žš™£š™ š™Ø:

š™Žš™¢š™–š™§š™© š˜¾š™¤š™£š™©š™§š™–š™˜š™© š˜¼š™™š™™š™§š™šš™Øš™Ø:
š™š™¤š™©š™–š™” š™Žš™Ŗš™„š™„š™”š™®: 200,000,000 FOMO4K
š™š™šš™”š™šš™œš™§š™–š™¢ š™‚š™§š™¤š™Ŗš™„:
š™š™šš™”š™šš™œš™§š™–š™¢ š˜¾š™š™–š™£š™£š™šš™”:
š˜¼š™™š™¢š™žš™£ š™š™šš™”š™šš™œš™§š™–š™¢ š™š™Øš™šš™§š™£š™–š™¢š™š: @fomohead
š™‹š™§š™¤š™¢š™¤š™©š™žš™¤š™£ š™€š™¢š™–š™žš™”:

We will also be sending tokens to top holder of our partners. Expect the official announcement on our social media handles.
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Please know that by participating on this airdrop, you are bound by the project rules, spreading any kind of FUD on the official page will lead to instant ban, shilling any other project will lead to instant ban and also the use of DECENTRALIZED exchange will be encouraged, centralized exchange may come at a later date and asking frequently about this might also lead to permanent ban if repeated *
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