Jeffery Super Hero Track and Field Day Volunteers! Friday June 2nd 8:00am-10:45am
Thank You for volunteering for Track and Field day on Friday, June 2nd. Below I have listed the activities that the students will be doing on this day. Please take the time to look over the activities and select the activity that you would like to direct (Classroom teachers will be there as well to help). I will need a maximum of two volunteers per activity. Please report to the Jeffery gym by 8 AM for final directions.
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1. First Aid - Treats - Water - Bathroom: Students may use the bathroom, get a drink or any first aid that is needed at any time. We will provide a sport drink and a cookie snack.
2. Batman Gotham Scooters Maze- Scooter Safety: never stand on a scooter and protect hair and hands. Can you move by sitting, kneeling, or on your stomach? Can you play tag with a partner? Partner scooter?
3. Play Ground Free Time- Take time to relax, play, or talk with students or parents on the playground.
4. The Thing Tug of War- Divide class into 2 groups and dig in for the big pull. After each time, change up the teams or the way the students pull, both arms, right arm, left arm, backwards pull.
5. Incredible’s Sack Races- Individual: move forward, side ways, backwards, or all boys race then all girls race. Partner races include: down and back switching and sharing a sack (1 leg in each).
6. Green Lantern Parachutes- Favorite parachute games: Ripples and Waves, Under The Umbrella, Tenting, Moon Walk Across, Sharks & Lifeguards.
7. Captain America Shield Throw- See who is better at knocking over the pin by throwing Captain America’s Shield. Throw favorite hand, opposite hand, roll, and switch partners.
8. (K-2) Kryptonite Tag - Use frisbees to tag, if tagged, freeze with hands flying like Superman. To unfreeze, carefully put hands down.(3-5) Kryptonite Dodge Ball- Everyone starts in the square. If tagged by ball, go to the outside of square and throw at others in square. Play until 1 person left, then all back in to play again.
9. Avengers Assemble Buddy Walkers- Students stand on walkers and try to walk around their group’s cones. Start with 1 student on a buddy walker, then 2, 3, or more. Move forward, sideways, backward.
10. Aquaman Water Sponge Relay- What team can move the fastest to fill up the glass of water? Ways to Move: run, skip, gallop, jump, hop.
11. Thor’s Bean Bag Hoop Toss- Try and score points by tossing a beanbag inside the hoop for 1 point or in the bucket for 2 points. Tosses can be: under the leg, behind your back, or backwards.
12. Power Ranger Hula Hoops & Jump Ropes- Students can hula hoop or jump rope their favorite ways or switch back and forth.
13. Flash 50 Meter Dash- Students race down the 4 lanes challenging each other. Races can also include skips, gallops, hops or jumps.
14. Spider Wall Climbing- The rules are posted. Have the students make lines on opposite ends of the wall and climb to the middle. Ring the bells when they get there. Have as many on the wall as possible.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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