Invitation: International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace (Book Project)
Book Project: International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace


Today, over four million students cross geographic, cultural, and educational boarders for their higher education. Trends of international student mobility are significant to universities, educators, business leaders, and government to increase revenue and campus diversity in the global marketplace. Educators and policymakers value international students as a potential resource toward campus internationalization in recent decades because of the rapid flows of ideas, technology, languages, information and monetary benefit that they bring with them. Creating an understanding of the student mobility issues globally through thorough research based inquiry, use of services and the how higher education policy affects the international student population is critical to effective inclusion of this growing population into university settings.

This book will examine recent trends in global student mobility in Australia, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Europe where the emerging trends and practices are prominent. The target audience of this book includes professionals and researchers working as faculty and scholars working with international student populations.

Table of Contents (tentative)

1. Student Mobility in Africa
2. Student Mobility in Asia and Pacific
3. Student Mobility in Europe
4. Student Mobility in Latin America and Caribbean
5. Student Mobility in the Middle East
6. Student Mobility in North America

You may choose any topic related to student mobility. Here are a few suggested topics
• Intercultural Awareness in Student Mobility
• Local and National Barriers to Student Mobility
• Mobility of Students and (Skilled) Labour Migration
• Outbound/Inbound Student Mobility
• Recruiting Agents and Student Mobility
• Student Mobility and Internationalization
• Student Mobility within Southeast Asia
• Trends in Student Mobility
• University/State Policy and Student Mobility

Important Dates/Plan

February 20, 2017: Proposal Submission Deadline
March 20, 2017: Notification of Acceptance
August 20, 2017: Full Chapter Submission
October 20, 2017: Review Results Returned
November 20, 2017: Revised Chapters Due

For Questions:

Dr. Krishna Bista
Chase Endowed Professor of Education
School of Education, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Phone: 318-600-5743

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