VRML Casting & Production Application
Please complete the below questionnaire and submit three (3) practice casts/production content pieces for consideration. Youtube is the preferred repository as twitch VoDs could be reaped before we are able to review. Providing links to shared drives with video recordings will also be acceptable. Please make sure the appropriate sharing permissions are in place upon submission. Thank you!
Gamertag/Discord Name *
What time zone are you in? *
What are the hours that you would potentially be available during for casting/production duties in that time zone? *
How long have you been playing competitively in VRML or elsewhere?
Are you currently part of an active team's roster in VRML? *
If so, which team? *
Why do you want to become a caster/production assistant? *
What league game are you interested in casting/producing for?
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Roles and Responsibilities
Primary Caster / Host - The primary voice of a VRML stream. The primary caster is responsible for calling and analyzing the action (play-by-play or color commentary), keeping the streams lively, and engaging with the viewers when able. Without a cameraman the primary caster is also in charge of stream operations, including hosting the stream itself, controlling the spectator camera, managing the audio, and queuing up the visual overlays that appear for the stream.

Co-Caster - The secondary voice of a VRML stream. The co caster supports the Host in calling and analyzing the action, keeping the streams lively, and engaging the viewers when able.

Sideline Casters - A supplemental "third caster" role, which can encompass anything from between-round analysis, to reporting on interesting stats, stories & quotes, pre or post-game interviews, engaging the Twitch viewers, etc. Primary caster/co-caster can easily slide into this spot too when needed, but this is also a good role for those who'd like to be a part of the stream team, but don't want to take on the heavier roles of Primary/Co casting or camera operator.

Camera Operators - In charge of stream operations, including hosting the stream itself, controlling the spectator camera, managing the audio, and queuing up the visual overlays that appear for the stream.

Production assistant - Responsible for assisting in the development of backend software used to operate overlays that appear on stream, capture highlights from past streams to assist the creators team, and moderate twitch chat during live broadcasts amongst other things. Coding experience preferred.
What role are you most interested in? (select all that apply) *
What, if anything, do you think you would bring to the role(s) you're applying for?
Do you have any previous casting experience in any other game/community/platform?
If so, are you willing to provide samples if requested?
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Are you familiar with the OBS streaming software?
What are your PC/Stream PC(if applicable) specifications? CPU/GPU/RAM/Disk Space *
What is your available internet Download and Upload speed in MB/s? *
What audio equipment do you have available for casting/production purposes, if applicable? *
If you could improve anything about the current casting/production experience, what would it be and why?
Please paste the 3 required practice cast/production links or a shared drive with recordings of your 3 practice casts here. Any other relevant information can be provided here as well, depending on the role you are applying for. *
Both teams must consent to the utilization of the footage for consideration.
Please provide any other feedback or comments here:
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