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CDL Recruiting Inc.’s An Interactive and Comprehensive Application Form. This is a Highly Secured Application and a Time Saver for you as our applicant. This Application will aid us in Helping you Better and Faster. Whether You are a Class A Driver Applicant or a Class A Driver Recruiter Applicants, This Application will help shorten the Pre-Screening Process and Enable us to Better Serve You. Most Importantly it will Make us More Efficient in finding your Ideal Class A Driving Job or The Best Fitting Driver Recruiter position you need. Please do your best in filing out this Job Application. Please Note: All information on this application is held with the Highest Security and Confidentiality on Your Behalf.
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Local Class A Driver
A Local Class A Driver – is described as a Truck Driver who picks up and delivers packages along a city route. Drivers typically run the same route everyday, returning home after each shift. Also known as a city or P&D driver. Typically averages up to 30,000 miles per year.
Regional Class A Driver
Regional Class A Driving Job – Truck driver who usually travels within Tri-States (within 3 states) and up to 11 neighboring-states (maximum) to deliver freight and usually sleeps in the truck's sleeper cab. Drivers typically run the same route every-week, returning home for their 2 to 3 Consecutive Days Off. Typically averages up to 70,000 miles per year.
Over-the-Road Class A Driver
An Over-the-Road Driver – is described as a Truck Driver who travels cross-country to deliver freight and usually sleeps within a berth in the truck cab. Typically averages over 100,000 miles per year.
Owner-Operator (with Class A-CDL)
An Owner-Operator –Truck driver who owns and operates his own truck and has a Class A-Commercial Driving License. Also, an Owner-Operator determines his/her own Route and can obtain any driving jobs at his/her discretion (Local, Regional, and Over-the-Road) for Major Carriers.
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