IPPW2019 Feedback
Thank you for attending and supporting the 2020 International Planetary Probe Workshop at Oxford, UK. The IPPW organizers would appreciate your thoughts on what went well, and what we can improve for future workshops.
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Feedback on IPPW2019 program
Which IPPW2019 sessions did you find useful?
What content or topics would you like to see at future IPPWs?
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Character and pace of the Workshop
IPPW organizers try to balance content (number of talks) and time allocations (length of talks). What did you think about this year's pacing (~100 10m talks, with ~1m for questions)?
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Do you see value in having multiple presentations focused on multiple aspects of a single project / mission?
Do you think this year's workshop had the right size and character?
Other questions and comments
Please provide any other feedback on this year's IPPW:
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