Hatch 2019: Submission Form 🥦
Thanks for your interest in Hatch! For anyone who doesn't know, Hatch is a Brainchild event focused on new ideas and works in progress. It’s a relaxed night that hosts six early-stage pieces of work to give short performances, with the aim of encouraging audience feedback and new connections.

Please fill out this form if you want to take part in any of our upcoming Hatch events this year. We're open to applications on a rolling basis and will consider you for whichever is the nearest upcoming Hatch event. If you have any questions please email india@brainchildfestival.co.uk.

Email address *
What's the name of your piece?
Please summarise your idea in 50 words:
Tell us more about you're idea and what you're trying to achieve:
If you have videos, a script extract, or something else that conveys more about your piece, please link to it here:
What are your technical requirements? Please be as specific as possible. We are able to provide basic stage lighting, PA, 2 microphones and a projector.
We've found that the more precise the questions, the more constructive the feedback tends to be and multiple choices are a good way to ensure an audience response. Eg. 'When she fell over was it heartbreaking, awkward or funny?'
Please write three feedback questions that you would like an audience watching the piece to answer.
Who is your team and what have you done previously? (It's okay if you've not done anything like this before!)
We'd love to get a better sense of who you are - please link any images/videos/reviews of previous work here.
This is so we can contact you about your application, and so that we can get to work straight away in promoting your involvement if you end up taking part.
Name of lead contact:
Mobile Number:
Please write a short bio that describes the piece, along with some information about who's involved in making it. [Max 150 words]
Please upload one high-res image that represents the work to be used for marketing. This can be a poster, artwork, or rehearsal shot (please no head-shots, logos or copyrighted images!)
If you don't have an image please don't let this hold you back - we'll figure something out with you.
Would you like to be considered for future events?
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