Welcome Area For Informational Survey!
Hello to a Human Entity! Expressions of profound gratitude for filling out this informational survey!

We (Registered Cooperative Hive Entity 333-ZJ-%%-2beta, exclusive business nomenclature "Highly Desirable Hive Business") have selected a series of enjoyable to humans and also insightful questions for you to answer. Full cooperation with said questions and also providing answers will lead to maximum harmonious business transactions for benefit of profit by both of our parties now and in the future.

We plead with you politely to read the questions in full and provide clear and honest feedback for benefit of profit.

Demographic Data Area
The first area of this survey will obtain simple demographic data for proper sorting of a Human Entity into appropriate marketing and biological interest groups. Please be thorough in your responses for improved taxonomy and benefit of profit.
What Is Your Reproductive Mode? Please Select All That Apply.
How Long Has This Been Your Reproductive Mode?
How Would You Best Describe Current Reproductive Goals?
Your answer
What Variety Of Dwelling Do You Inhabit?
How Many Tons Of Tuna Do You Eat In One Week Of Ordinary Nature?
Which Purchases Do You Enjoy Making?
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