Analysis of Isometric Resources
Use this form to analyse the digital resources made by the class about sketching in isometric.
Name of person who made the resource
Your answer
How clear was the resource? Could you see what was happening clearly?
Not clear at all
Really clear
Are there any steps included in the resource to help you understand the process?
If there were steps included, how clear were these steps? Did they help you to understand what to do?
Not very clear and no help at all
Really clear and helpful
Was there an explanation with the resource to explain what to do to with the drawing?
If there was an explanation, was it helpful so that you understood what to do?
No help at all. I didn't understand it.
It was very clear and helpful
What advice would you give to this person to improve this resource? (think about the questions you have just answered and see if there is anything there that you can add)
Your answer
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