ChillZone Media Applications
We offer ranks & rewards for creators who put their creative energy into creating content on ChillZone!
We offer two ranks :
  • Small Creator - Equivalent to VIP/VIP+, Special prefix ingame & in Discord. You gain the ability to promote your videos/streams, provided they are ones on ChillZone. This rank has no subscriber/view requirements, but you must have a minimum of 3 videos on ChillZone.
  • Large Creator - Equivalent to MVP+, Special prefix ingame & in Discord. You are also allowed to promote videos/streams and have access to the partners channel in Discord. For this rank, you need atleast 1000 subscribers on YouTube or 750 followers on Twitch. Also existing content on ChillZone
You also gain a title for the platform you create content on, e.g [YouTube]. (Applies to both ranks).

If you are a creator but your content is on a seperate platform, e.g TikTok, please create a ticket in our Discord so we can discuss this. (This does not yet have a dedicated form)
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