Invitation to join the Special Interest Groups

The PSRM, under the direction of the Committee on Research and Development, shall form Special Interest Groups in various areas in reproductive medicine.

The SIG will have the following functions:

Provide stimulus, initiative and direction in generating new knowledge through research in the specific field of reproductive medicine.

Synergize efforts of members of the PSRM for collaborative projects that include but not limited to position statements, practice guidelines, and advocacies in the specific field of reproductive medicine

Establish linkages and coordinate with national and international interest groups of similar nature.

The SIG will have a coordinator who is a member of the committee on research and development.

An assistant coordinator shall be assigned from among the members of the SIG.

The SIG shall be composed of members who volunteer to join the committee.  Each member of the PSRM can choose to join a maximum of three (3) interests groups in the interest of effectiveness and focus.
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