River Guide Application
Thank you for applying at KRO. River guiding is one of the greatest jobs you will ever have and we feel fortunate that you're applying to work for us. There are number of variables that determine how many new guides we bring on each season and a few tips are offered here for submitting your application. The two most important variables for our hiring needs is snowpack and returning guides. 1) The larger the snowpack, the more guides we will need. 2) The more KRO guides that decide to not return for the upcoming season, the more guides we will need. We take our first pulse on snowpack in late January. We do our first returning guide check-in also in late January. Our turnover rate is low, but with our large staff size there is some every year. Tips: 1) For your application, show off your people skills! Examples: Do you love playing guitar? Let us know. Do your friends consider yourself outgoing? Let us know. 2) List relevant skills / certs / volunteer work / jobs. Examples: If you have a Class A or B drivers license then that's a big plus. If you are a WFR, big plus. If you have leadership experience, of any sort, big plus. Best of luck!
Have you guided previously? If yes, please attach your river log using the file upload feature at the bottom of this form.
Why are you interested in becoming a river guide? If you answered "Yes" to the previous river guide question, you may skip this.
If your best friend was to describe you in three sentences, what would they say?
Why do you think you'll be a good fit at KRO?
List any relevant certifications you have. Examples: Basic First Aid / CPR. EMT. WFR. Food handlers license. Class A/B commercial drivers license.
Have you been convicted of any misdemeanors or felonies? If yes, please explain.
Please upload your resume, and if applicable, also attach your river log.
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