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Hello! We are Dacia and Adam (and our 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 donkeys, 1 cow, 3 cats . . . and the chickens!), and we moved to this 240 acre farm just north of Gimli almost eight years ago when we decided to manage Interlake Meadows Farm. We spent many years learning to grow strawberries organically and the geese to weed them, as well as how to raise a herd of grassfed cattle, all the while having laying hens as well. Since buying the farm in 2017, we decided to downsize on a lot of the farm activities, and to focus our energy on raising our children and our laying flock. We continue to be driven to connect deeper with our food, the life and the land that surrounds us, and thoroughly enjoy the community that providing others with some of the same nourishing foods that we eat brings us. We have recently changed our name to something that resonates with us more closely, and thus we run under the name of The Motley Brood Farm now.

Now, to give you a little idea of how we raise our hens and the wonderfully delicious eggs in which they provide us with . . .
When our chicks arrive, they are raised on a certified organic starter, and next their main dining dish becomes a non-GMO ration (in which we have worked for years to get a feed company to make specifically for us – originally sourcing and mixing our own rations). Throughout the day, they get (their favorite) organic hulless oats, garden seconds and the wonderful power of the outdoors.

Their main hub is an old tie stall dairy barn in which we converted to purely chicken quarters. There is plenty of space below, as well as roosting above that covers most of the barn (where most of them sleep at night), and even a tree. Our hens seasonally free range. Our definition of “free range” means that they absolutely have full freedom to roam around our entire farm as they wish – outside the barn in the cattle pasture, in the hay shed, around our house where they catch flying produce in the greener months. In the winter, we will open the barn on warm enough days, and when the days are cold, they will still enjoy their great love of snow as we bring it in a bin to them. Dust bathing in pools of sunshine streaming in through the windows is a year round activity that we never get tired of seeing.

Our flock is an eclectic mix of different breeds of varying ages. As of now, the main layers consist of two varieties of young red hens, the middle aged blue-egg laying Americaunas which range from pearl white all the way to the signature black with gold and puffy feathered cheeks. As well, there are some elderly ladies that have survived many seasons with us (some up to six years old) and have captured our hearts, and the flock’s ever watchful group of roosters from many exotic places.

And with this great mixture of hens in the flock, it means the cartons too will vary, with shades of light to dark browns and pastel blue greens, and the sizes will be from small to large enough that we can barely close the carton. We get fairly technical on our end and like to keep an average that is fairly consistent in the cartons, and so when the new layers start laying the cute tiny eggs, they will be in 18 packs.

Well, that we would say is our little farm in a nutshell. We welcome you to write or call us with your questions, concerns or orders if you wish. As well, the invitation to come and visit us sometime at the farm is always open!

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The Motley Brood Farm (formerly Interlake Meadows Farm) Egg Share June - October 2019
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