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Scheduling & Commitment: The second half of Summer Quarter runs Aug 1st to September 22nd. You choose how often you want to teach your classes and what days fit your schedule. If you schedule a class, we ask you to commit to it.

Teaching Space: We encourage teachers to find their own spaces for their classes, but if you need it, we may be able to help you find a location. Classes can potentially be taught in the courtyard outside Subrosa or inside Subrosa depending on health and safety guidelines and other factors.

Deadline: For teachers, the deadline to remember is July 28th. We'll need your class information by that deadline.  We will not calendar classes after this date.

Teacher Responsibilities:  Free Skool is a decentralized, non-institutional project.  In other words, you and I make it happen.  Therefore, you have certain responsibilities as a teacher including respecting general Covid health and safety recommendations.  Promote your class through word-of-mouth, fliering, community outreach, and online.  Work with other Free Skoolers to post calendars and fliers.  Be prompt and reliable.  Keep in touch with your students, before and after your class.  Take good care of the spaces who graciously host your class. Help create a culture of greater caring, sharing, and balance with the earth without money and hierarchy.

Contact with any questions.
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