Award 1
"Most Innovative Use of Space in A School Setting"

The nominee shall demonstrate (through research or anecdotal evidence) how this spaces has had a positive influence on the education of young adolescent learners and how the space conforms to quality Middle Years pedagogy.

The Space:
* is specifically intended for use by young adolescents
* demonstrates creative use of materials and resources
* shows a clear link to exemplary middle school pedagogy
* can be a room, a precinct and outdoor space or a building

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Statement of Purpose. Please outline the design and structural features of the middle years room, precinct or building emphasising the pedagogical, physiological and psychological benefits for your adolescent learners.
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Design Plans. You are encouraged to include supporting documents, including but not limited to building plans to assist the judges to gain a full understanding of your learning space. This may also include a one page document describing the design and implementation process. Please provide a link to drop box (or similar) where we can read these documents.
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Walk Through. A maximum 6 minute video walk through of the premises, including relevant dialogue (optional). Please provide a link to dropbox (or similar) where we can view the video
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