Yogathon 2019 Benefit Classes!
Thank you for your interest in hosting or teaching a benefit class for Living Yoga's 2019 Yogathon!

Please fill out this form to get your Yogathon 2019 Benefit Class on our schedule. We will help to promote your class on our website, social media, and e-newsletter, as well as provide you with our Yogathon 2019 branding package for your own promotions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas!

In excitement and deep appreciation,

The Living Yoga Team

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Our goal is to have as many benefit class happening throughout the Portland metro region as possible for the month of April. Please choose a day and time that will be most successful for you. To view our currently confirmed list of classes, visit:
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Class Description (please provide as much information as you can here such as style of yoga, pace, difficulty, whether or not the class is heated, etc.) *
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Will this class be inclusive to beginning practitioners and those new to yoga? (It's okay if it won't be, but we'd like to make sure those who are looking for beginner friendly benefit classes can easily find them.) *
How much will it cost to attend your benefit class? (Donation based, suggested donation, sliding scale, and fixed amounts are all acceptable) *
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Will you display Living Yoga's small promotional flier (8.5x3.5) at your studio leading up to and during Yogathon? *
How much money do you anticipate raising at your benefit class? *
We ask that 100% of profits go to Living Yoga to support our mission, and that benefit classes promoted by Living Yoga commit to raising at least $50 dollars. If you have an alternate benefit class idea in mind, please let us know here and we will follow up with you to confirm details.
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Does the teacher or affiliated studio of this benefit class plan to participate as a peer-to-peer individual fundraiser (or team) for Yogathon 2019? *
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