Mask Survey
The use of masks has skyrocketed globally since early 2020 due to Covid-19. Plastic Free Seas would like to identify whether people are using disposable or reusable masks and why. Thank you for filling in this short survey. Your personal information will not be kept or shared.
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What type of mask do you wear? 您配戴哪類型的口罩? *
If you wear disposable masks, on average how many do you use per day?如果您配戴即棄口罩,平均每天使用多少個口罩?
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If you always / almost always or mostly use a reusable mask, why? 如果您經常/幾乎每天配戴可重用口罩,原因是: *
If you always / almost aways or mostly use a disposable mask, why? 如果您經常/幾乎每天配戴即棄口罩,原因是: *
What describes you best? 您是以下哪個身分? *
For primary and secondary school students, what best describes your school? 如果您是中小學生,以下哪個選擇最能描述您的學校?
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If you are a student, what school do you go to? (if you are not a student, please write N/A) 如果您是學生,您的學校名稱是?(如果您並非學生。請選擇「其他」) *
If you wrote Other for name of School, please write your school name below (and country if not HK) 其他學校名稱請在以下列明(如非屬於香港地區,請列明國家)
What age bracket do you fit into? 您屬於以下哪個年齡層? *
What do you consider yourself? 您是以下哪一個身分? *
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