Private Gathering Registration
Heyo, register your privates! A private gathering can be any group of over five (5) people that are getting together for the consumption of any kind of alcohol.
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Estimated Start Time *
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Room Number *
The room number to your suite or location in which the gathering is being held.
Name(s) of Host(s) *
Include ALL of the host's names. Remember that you're required to have 1 host for every 6 guests, so if you write down just your name, you can't have more than 6 guests. This is names, not numbers.
Brief Description of Event *
Casual gathering, birthday party, pregame, crawl stop, etc.
Type of Alcohol *
Beer, Champagne, Baggos, Wine, Whiteclaw, Ice, Frio 6.0, etc.
Are you applying for a 100% food subsidy up to $20 *
If yes, you must send a picture of your receipt to
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