Becoming a Lawyer-Scientist: The pathway into law after graduate school
The Caltech Biotechnology Club and Rosen Bioengineering Center are happy to be hosting three lawyer-scientists from Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati--one of the largest life science practices that has played a heavy role in supporting emerging biotechnology companies.

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Dr. Johnson is partner at Wilson Sonsini and works out of the San Diego office within the Patents and Innovations group. He was originally a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, where he earned a PhD in molecular biology and received his law degrees from McGill University shortly thereafter.

Dr. Johnson primarily works with growth-stage, university or institutional spin-outs in the life science and healthcare fields. In dealing with a wide range of subject areas in the biotechnology industry (including biologics, small molecules and medical devices), Dr. Johnson supports companies as they take an initial product through development and into clinical trials. In addition to providing patent and IP strategy counsel, Dr. Johnson also provides general business guidance, with a large emphasis on improving company valuation by building a robust and defensible IP position.

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Dr. Dusaban Gonzales also works in the Patents and Innovation group out of the Wilson Sonsini San Diego office. She received her PhD in biomedical sciences and JD from UCSD. Between 10 years of pre- and post-doctoral training, Dr. Dusaban Gonzales has over ten years of biomedical research experience in pharmacology, cell signaling, drug discovery, and translational medicine.

As an associate at Wilson Sonsini, she works with both private and public clients across the life sciences addressing a wide range of disciplines including pharmacology, antibody therapies, cell therapies, peptide-based therapeutics, CRISPR and genetic engineering, gene therapies, agriculture, and synthetic DNA tools.

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Neil Supnekar is a scientific advisor and patent agent in the SOMA office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, where he is a member of the patents and innovations practice. He has patent prosecution experience in a wide range of technical fields, including consumer electronics, optics, finance, digital signal processing, communications, and software.

Neil has additional experience working in the semiconductor and defense industries. Neil is currently in the process of receiving his J.D. from U.C. Berkeley School of Law and received his M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

October 15, 2020
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