Weekly Check-In
We want to know how you are doing and how we can serve you best! Please take a moment and fill out the answers below. This feedback helps us provide the opportunities that our clients want and removes the guesswork for our staff. Thank you!
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Full Name *
How was your energy/motivation this past week? *
Awful. I barely left the couch.
Amazing. I was unstoppable.
How was your nutrition this past week? *
Horrible. Everything I ate was bad for me.
Dialed In. No junk.
How was your sleep this past week? *
What's sleep?
8+ hours & waking up rested!
How are your stress levels these past few weeks? *
Barely coping.
I feel great.
Have you been participating in outdoor activities? If so, tell us. *
What behavior(s) do you want to primarily focus on moving forward? *
Anything else you'd like to share with your coaches? Any other ways we can help YOU specifically?
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