2022 Hurricane Season AUXCOMM Deployment Signup
We are seeking volunteers that would be willing to deploy if requested by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.  Applicants must be self sufficient in not only your equipment but your personal health and personal care supplies.  It is preferred, but not required, that volunteers have completed their AUXCOMM course (year of completion does not matter) and also have completed their ARES Taskbook to Level 2.  Please remember, we do not self deploy.  Any deployment orders will come via the State SWIC's office.
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How many miles from your home city are you willing to deploy? *
Do you have a complete HF "go kit"?  (Meaning HF radio, antenna, feedline, and emergency power) *
Do you have a complete VHF/UHF "go kit" and are comfortable programming your radio?  (Meaning VHF/UHF radio, antenna, feedline, and emergency power)
Do you have an HT, additional batteries/charging supplies, and are comfortable programming your radio? *
Have you completed the AUXCOMM training course (any year)?  This is preffered but not required. *
Have you completed and had your AUXCOMM Taskbook signed off (not required)? *
What is the highest level of your ARES Taskbook that you have had signed off? *
How comfortable do you feel in being deployed on your own in a potential disaster area and being able to be self sufficient for at least the first 72 hours?
Not comfortable at all
Very comfortable and prepared
Do you feel comfortable using Winlink? *
Please briefly describe any deployments you have participated in or relevant experience. 
If you are a "badged" or vetted volunteer for your local county's ARES, RACES, AUXCOMM team, please list the county(ies) in which you are badged.
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