Preliminary Draft - UN75 People's Declaration
Below you will find the preliminary draft of the UN75 People’s Declaration broken up by paragraph. If you have comments or suggestions on any particular paragraph (or all), please answer in the space below. Thank you!

A note to the reader:

Before you begin commenting on this short preliminary draft declaration (feedback on this draft welcome until 15 March), there are a couple of points to bear in mind as you go through it:

You will note from the annexes at the bottom of this document that many specific challenges, groups, and possible solutions have been made. Recognizing that not everything could possibly be in this one document, this is a way to acknowledge the many helpful contributions received. However, whether and how to use the annexes is an open question.

The tone of this document is meant to be aspirational, yet realistic; hopeful, yet sober; concise, yet nuanced. Obviously this is a task which will require significant refinement. Assistance in this regard is most welcome.
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