C101 - Code
This is the bread and butter for us, engineers.
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My code always has lots of comments.
In code reviews, people rarely ask me to rename my variables.
I have read the book "Clean Code" by "Uncle Bob" Martin.
I know the term "Code Readability".
I believe in Test-Driven-Development.
When someone reviews my code, I respond to all their comments, even trivial ones.
I enjoy code reviews.
The majority of my code includes test.
I regularly give demos of my code to my team.
Before sending a complex code review request, I make it a habit to contact the reviewers and explain what I did.
I always try to make an effort to properly describe my commits and diffs.
My diffs always have associated tickets attached to them.
My diffs always include updates to our documentation.
On the topic of effectively interacting with others when it concerns the actual software development process, I would rate my mastery at:
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